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We stock tyres for all applications including passenger car tyres, performance tyres, whitewall classic tyres and truck and tractor tyres. Check out our types and brands.

Backed by a variety of international brands, we can provide you with the tyre that best suits your needs and your budget!

As an independent tyre dealer we are able to source in almost any tyre. So if you are in search for a specific brand not listed online, come in and have a chat with the team at Target Road Tyres or contact us and we'll sort it out.

How to Read Your Tyre Size.

On the sidewall of your tyre, the size of the tyre along with the manufactor details can be found. There are a set of numbers and letters moulded which follow a code system. This code provides key information on the size of the tyre, its construction, load-carrying capacity and its speed rating.

For example, a code such as 215/45 R16 95H indicates:

215 indicates the section width in millimetres

The width of the tyre

45 describes a tyre's aspect ratio, also known as the Profile. This value is a comparison of the tyre's section and its section width. For this example, the height is 45% of its width.

'Low Profile' tyres have smaller aspect ratio percentages compared to regular tyres

The height of the tyre

R means that the tyre is of a Radial construction. This is where the tyre's cord piles are arranged in a at an angle of 90 degrees to the direction of travel. Majority of passenger car tyres are built with this type of construction so finding a tyre with a different construction is rare.

The height of the tyre

16 indicates the nominal wheel rim diameter in inches.

The width of the tyre

95H is a symbol that indicates the maximum load capacity and speed at which the tyre can be safely operated, subject to the tyre being in sound condition, correct fitting, and inflated with recommended tyre pressures.

Come in and we can help you find the correct tyre with the load capacity and speed ratings to suit your needs.

Tyre Size Example

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