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Target Road Tyres

Tyre Types

At Target Road Tyres, we assess your driving style, vehicle and other miscellaneous activities you will be carrying out before suggesting a tyre specified to your needs.

We will discuss:
  • Your Driving Style
    • do you drive a lot on the open road?
    • do you mainly drive in urban areas?
    • do you drive your car on a Track?

  • Distances Traveled
    • do you mainly drive short distances?
    • do you mainly use the vehicle for long distance journeys?

  • Road Surface
    • do you travel on regular city roads?
    • do you travel on metal roads?
  • Type of Vehicle
    • family car?
    • sports car?
    • work-vehicle?

  • Other Activities
    • do you tow a trailer?
    • do you carry heavy work equipment?

With a wide selection of quality brands paired up with professional advice, we can assure you the right choice in Car and Performance Tyres. We have tyres availble to suit your needs at affordable prices. Our prices at Target Road Tyres are set with no hidden costs or additional disposal charges, and are all inclusive of fitting.


With the aid of our great advice and quality branded merchandise, we give you the right choice in 4 Wheel Drive Tyres

We stock a variety of 4x4 tyres to suit your needs. The leading brands such as Cooper, Bridgestone and Yokohama. Some models are available in a range of tread patterns for example; offroad, highway or on/off all terrain road use.

Our selection of Classic and White Wall tyres is just what you need to give your classic car the final touch.

The latest and greatest modern technology with the style and looks of a classic white wall tyre will provide you the best of both worlds. We can arrange a range of tyres to meet your needs including white walled classic tyres, lined trim classic tyres and others.

So come into Target Road Tyres and talk to us about your Classic Tyre needs and let us provide excellent service for your project. Or alternatively, email any enquiries and our team will get back to you!

With quality brands in conjuction with the right advice, we provide you with the best choice for your Truck Tyre needs.

Come into Target Road Tyres and the staff with great experience in the business will help you get you tyres with which are suited to your usage.


  • Friendly Advice!

    If you aren't sure of what tyre you should have, pop-in and we will help you out. Professional and right advice on tyre selection – our service to you!

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  • Best Pricing

    Our tyre quotes are inclusive of fitting, balancing, new valve and GST. No other additional charges or hidden costs.

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  • Free Tyre & Pressure Check

    Drive in any time for a free tyre and tyre pressure check with no obligation.

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