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Tyre Tips

Here are some tyre tips which help you look after you tyres. If you are unsure of anything, or have any questions in regards to your tyres, do not hesitate to come in and visit the friendly team at Target Road Tyres or contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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5 Simple Steps To Look After And Maintain Your Tyres

Tyre Air Pressure

One of the most important step to maintain the health of your tyres and extend its is to keep the tyre inflated to the proper air pressure. Check the air pressure often and only when the tyres are cool to ensure a precise air pressure measurement. If you require any assistance, come into Target Road Tyres and we'll offer a free tyre and air pressure check for your vehicle!.

Wheel Alignment

An inexpensive way to maintain your tyres and ensure efficiency of your vehicle is to carry out Wheel Alignments regularly. If your wheels are not correctly aligned, they can cause early wear and can drastically degrade your car's performance and handling

Tyre Rotation

We advise you to rotate your tyres every 7,500-10,000 Km for Radial tyres and 5,000 Km for Bias tyres. This is recommended since the load placed on each tyre is different resulting in varying wear. In order to achieve longer tread life and obtain an even wear on your tyres, come in and get your tyres rotated.

Wheel Balance

We advise tyres to be balanced every 10,000 Km to ensure a smooth driving experience. Unbalanced wheels can cause rough rides and unusual vibrations when driving.

The Right Tyre

Ensuring your vehicle have the correct tyres fitted is essential. Come in to Target Road Tyres and talk to one of our professionals to ensure the your vehicle receives the right tyre for your needs.

Tips to Ensure Correct Tyre Air Pressure

  • We advise you to check your tyre air pressure at least once a month.

  • The air pressure level of your tyre should be checked against the vehicle manufacturer's recommended level - found in the vehicle handbook.

  • When checking air pressure, ensure that your tyres a cool to achieve an accurate reading

  • If the vehicle will be towing a trailer, or carrying a full load of passengers or luggage, the tyre pressures should be increased as per the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. If you are unsure about this, come in and see the team at Target Road Tyres for the right advice.

  • Use an accurate and reliable air pressure gauge.

  • Don't forget to check the spare tyre's air pressure too!

  • During air pressure checks, inspect the tyres for any damages. Look out for any cuts, buldges or lumps. Also, remove any stones or other objects which may have been lodged within the tyre treads.

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    If you aren't sure of what tyre you should have, pop-in and we will help you out. Professional and right advice on tyre selection – our service to you!

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