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American engineered and tested, Starfire Tires are one of the leading quality sports tyres.

Starfire Tires undergo strict quality testing and meet the 'Uniform Tire Quality Grading' (UTQG) system and the results support that Starfire tires are long-lasting as well as being one of the top in its category for grip and handling consistency.


Tests carried out by the Starfire Team showed exceptional results. Experimenting with wet braking, wet handling, dry braking and dry handling against top tyre brands. These brands include: Nankang, Hankook, Toyo, Bridgestone and Kumho.

Starfire Tires performance in all four tests was exceptional. The results from the wet braking test are a clear demonstration of Starfire’s performance, with Starfire Tires stopping 8.82m shorter than the worst performing tyre. This distance is equivalent to 2½ car lengths. These results clearly highlight the importance of having a tyre not only tested to stringent US standards but also a US engineered tyre which can outperform five leading brands.

Check out Starfire Tyres' website for detailed information on the testing process along with videos and infographics on the results.

Wet Braking

Wet Handling

Dry Braking

Dry Handling


Cooper Tires New Zealand supply the internationally renowned American made Cooper Tires who specialise in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of replacement car and truck tires.

We stock the lot, ranging from low profile rubber tyres for large diameter wheels to heavy duty off-road rubber tyres. If you are interested in Classic cars, Cooper Tires also manufacture and distribute white wall radials.

7 Reasons for chosing 4x4 Cooper Tyres

Cooper Tires are Made to Last
  • Unique Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty - New Zealand-wide warranty against manufacturing faults, for the lifeNZ-cooper-warranty-card.jpg of the tread or for 72 months. Adjusted on a pro-rata basis

  • Cooper Tires have Deeper Treads
  • Up to 30.3% more overall tread than most original equipment brands and up to 46.3% deeper in the shoulder grooves compared to most original equipment brands. This is possible because of wider and stronger steel belts under the tread. That means more grip, more miles and more resistance to damage.

  • Cooper Tires Stand Up Straighter
  • Cooper Tyres, by design, stand up straighter to deflect objects and have more grip in adverse conditions.

  • Most non-American brands of 4x4 tyres have a rounder or belly shape in the sidewalls. The disadvantage is that they are more easily damaged in off road conditions.

  • Cooper Tires have See-through Treads
  • Meaning the latest tread designs have open straight grooves for wet grip and self cleaning. Cooper tread designs are all the most current designs.

  • Cooper Tires have tread edges to suit the application

    ‘Round’ Edge Tread. Cooper’s range of highway tyres feature round edge treads to reduce tracking on rutted roads and give more even tread wear on the edge of the tyre.

    'Square' Edge Tread. Cooper’s range of off road tyres feature square edge treads to bite in and gives better control when turning on dirt and gravel roads.

    Cooper Tires have High Quality Inner Liners

    The most important characteristic of a tyre is its ability to hold air. Cooper uses high quality inner liners (Halobutyl) combined with the proper liner thickness to give excellent air retention, where others vary the quality and thickness of the compound to reduce cost, sacrificing air retention properties and creating irregular and premature wear.

    Founded in 1954, Federal Tyres are a Taiwanese based manufacturer of radial tyres. Today, they are the producers of a leading brand with state-of-the-art technology, strict quality control, and highly regulated safety standards

    Also known worldwide for its motor-sports and racing designed products, Federal Tyres also offer a wide range of tyres. These include the winter series, light truck tyres, commercial truck tyres and its major product - passenger car tyres ranging from passenger/touring class to fitting performance UHP tires.

    Originally set up in 1941, the South Korean based creator of Hankook Tyres is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturer for radial tyres for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, and etc.), trucks, and buses.

    Being the first tyre company in South Korea at that time, the company now employs more than 14,0000 people spread over an increasing list of 185 countries worldwide. Hankook Tyres and are ranked within the top 10 in global sales revenue in over 20 overseas subsideries around the world.

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    Yokohama Tyres, a Japanese tyre company founded in 1917, are engineered for the ultimate in High Performance. These tyres are designed and built to bring out the best in your cars performance.

    Yokohama manufactured tyres are known for their precise cornering response and superb traction and feel for the road. These qualities are achieved by engineering a carefully balanced design, construction and material selection. Yokohama's leading edge technologies are constantly tested and refined by extensive worldwide motorsport activity.

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    Kumho Tyres was established in 1960 and is now ranked as one of the top ten tyre companies in the world. The growing company has a global prescence around the globe, across 180 countries and currently produce more than 68 million tyres every year

    Whether you drive a passenger car, performance, prestige, 4×4, SUV, light commercial or heavy truck, we have the tyres for you. Kumho produces a wide range of car tyres, 4×4, SUV, light commercial or Truck & Bus tyres categories to fit almost any vehicle and specialist applications.

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    Chenshan Tyres started off in 1976 in China to become one the third largest tyre manufacturer in the the country. Following this success, the Chengshan products have been well-sold to more than 100 countries and areas.

    Also, Chengshen Tyres have won various awards including the "China Famous Brand", "China Well-known Trademark", "China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands" and has also been awarded "The No.1 Customer Satisfied Brand in the Chinese Tyre Market". They continue to climb as they remain in the forefront of Research and Development of tyres.

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    For years, Diamond Back Classics has been the producer of custom wide whitewall, redline, blueline and goldline tires. Utilizing the latest and highest quality manufacturing process, Diamond Back Classics provides you with all of the advantages of modern day safety, handling and ride quality of a radial tire with the look of yesteryear. Whether it is Michelin, Firestone, Goodyear, Federal or a Cooper tire, Diamond Back Classics vulcanizes custom sidewall treatments to any modern day radial tyre in our plant located in South Carolina.

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    A wide range of Whitewall Tyres
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    We are also able to source in virtually any brand available on the market from our suppliers. So come in and have a chat with the team at Target Road Tyres or contact us and we'll sort it out.

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